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Would you like to avoid becoming a victim of birth trauma and achieve the pregnancy and birth of your dreams?!

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I’ve never offered this before! Enroll in the Online course and pay over monthly installments. Get free access to bonus modules form the Bloom academy team of world class trained experts in pregnancy and childbirth.

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In the Workshop we will learn:

Have You Ever Thought How amazing it would be to have the pregnancy and birth of your dreams?

But not sure how or where to start?

As an Oby Gyn consultant, I have looked after and delivered hundreds of mums and babies and now, with my Bloom team of world class trained experts midwives, anesthetists, and other Oby Gyn colleagues, we are bringing our expertise to women all around the world to make their dream of an amazing and safe pregnancy come true.

It is time for women to rise and take ownership of their pregnancy – and not rely on the status quo

Many women all over the world are stuck with whatever information and care they get from their healthcare provider. They rely on them 100% for all their care…and sadly many fall as victims of physical and psychological trauma in the hands of those that they place all their trust in. Now women are choosing to take ownership of their pregnancy and educating themselves to make sure that they are making informed decisions about their health, pregnancy and childbirth. Evidence suggests that women who are more informed and involved in their care- have better outcomes in childbirth and are less likely to suffer from the disastrous consequences of childbirth trauma.


I was previoulsy satisfied with a lucrative private practice

As I looked after more and more women through their pregnancy, I realized that so many more all around the world, regardless of their location in the world- USA, Europe, Asia or Africa, and victims of birth trauma. I decided that to help these women, I would have to reach out beyond the confines of my comfortable private practice to empower women all around the world through engaging content, with the support of my Bloom team.

This is What I Learned

This is What I Can Teach You

If you are a mother or mother to be, and are looking for reliable information that is based on the latest medical and scientific information, and presented in a way that is easy to understand (without the use of medical jargon). And more importantly information that is applicable and practicalas well methods that I have used with my patients for over 10 years to help them optimize their chances of a safe and enjoyable pregnancy and childbirth- then this is for you!

Module 1

The BLOOM philosophy and how to apply it to achieve a healthy pregnancy and childbirth
- Believe
- Learnv
- Organize
- Open up
- Make it happen

Module 2

Preconception care
- Kegel Exercises
- Chronic Disease Management
- Medications Management
- Lifestyle Management
- BMI in pregnancy
- Social habits and what to do about them

Module 3

The gift of pregnancy
Infertility and miscarriage

Module 4

The When, The Why and The Where - Essential checklists for making sure you find the best place to deliver your baby

Module 5

The Who (OB Gyn Vs midwife) - Battle of the sexes (male vs female doctors) - Surgical competency and empathy - Continuity of care and why it matters

Module 6

Tokophobia (and what can be done about it) - How many and How much (the real number of visits that you need and how to avoid huge medical costs)

Module 7

Early pregnancy issues and how to manage
- Bleeding, nausea and vomiting
- What vitamins do you really need?
- Why and how to safely exercise in pregnancy (even -- if you do not feel like it)

Module 8

Pregnancy scans and Scanxiety
- Mental health in pregnancy and why women die

Module 9

Red flag signs in pregnancy and when it is NOT normal to have ‘common discomforts’
- Warning signs that things are not going well in the pregnancy (and what to do about it)

Module 10

Still birth and how to make reduce the risk of it happening to your baby

Module 11

The 3’s of 3’s on how to maximize your chances of a normal birth:
- 3’s of Mum
- 3’s of Baby
- 3’s of Placenta

Module 12

Getting ready for the big day- How to increase your chances of a normal birth when you go into labour
- Labour positions to improve chances of a normal birth

Module 13

Red flag signs to look out for in labour - How to minimize the risk of extensive vaginal birth and injury to the anal sphincter

Module 14

The fourth trimester and why most mothers die AFTER giving birth to their baby ( and how to have an enjoyable postnatal experience)

About the instructor

Dr . Fadimatu Aliya Umaru

Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Dr. Umaru is the proud founder of the Bloom Academy, an initiative born from her deep-rooted belief in continuous education and empowerment in the field of women’s health. The Academy serves as a hub for excellence, offering cutting-edge training and workshops designed to enhance the skills of healthcare professionals in obstetrics and gynecology

Learn how to maximize your chances of a safe and healthy childbirth and avoid the tragic consequences of a long term injury to you or to your baby.



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